“We’ve done a few family portraits over the years. None captured the spirit of each of us as well as those by Johannah. And none are still hanging on our wall, almost fifteen years later, other than those by Johannah. Also, she is great to work with. Connects with kids very naturally. Finally, she produces beautifully crafted, lasting prints.”

Bill Kinder, Berkeley, CA

“Johannah’s photographs express what it is to be both parent and child in the many stages we encounter, and this is her genius.”

Vicki Van Fleet, San Francisco, CA

“Johannah is the most talented photographer I have ever worked with. Her work hangs in multiple rooms in our house and we never tire of it. She has done headshots for my corporate work that I love, but the most meaningful photographs are of my family–they are intimate, beautiful, and startling. They have a wistful and timeless quality, and every time someone sees them they ask about them. It is rare for an artist to be able to capture the real essence of people.”

Karlin Sloan, Chicago, IL

“When I first hired Johannah, I’d warned her that my preschooler was very shy. When Johannah showed up, she got down on her knees and pulled out a little cupcake for my daughter, who smiled and led Johannah around our apartment.  I appreciated how Johannah took candid shots of my daughter just being herself, instead of trying to pose her or control the mood. The result? Incredible sweet and beautiful photos which people “ooh” and “ahh” over. Her photos are incredible.”

Rachel Sarah, Berkeley, CA

“Johannah’s photographs captured my daughter and her moods with an honest and complex beauty. She gained my daughter’s trust early and encouraged her to be who she was. The photos themselves tell stories and are some of my favorite reminders of the fleetingness of youth. Johannah is an artist of the highest caliber.”

Cheryl Riggins, Marin, CA

“Johannah is an artist. She has a wonderful eye. She is also fun and energetic. Our kids love her. Every year, we ask Johannah to photograph our children as they will only be young once. We see Johannah’s work as an investment in art and in our family.”

Cynthia Lopez, Oakland, CA

“Johannah has documented our family’s life in many beautiful and unique images taken over the years. She is an insightful portraitist with a particular gift for capturing family relationships. Each of her photographs is a work of art that we treasure.”

Nancy Spencer, San Mateo, CA